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As the world mark its first Neglected Tropical Disease (NTDs) day we at everythingpublichealth has taken it upon ourselves to enlighten the public on some of the neglected tropical diseases:

Agent of destruction found in water: Guinea worm disease

The sleep cycle disturbance: Human African Tyrpanosomiasis

Skin destructive:Leprosy

Lymphatic filariasis

Neglected tropical diseases affects billions of people globally majorly in remote sub-Saharan areas where health systems are often weak. It is referred to as “neglected” diseases because they are largely eradicated in developed countries and affect only the world’s poorest populations.

Most NTDs has a direct or indirect link to: weak health system, exposure to adverse weather condition, unsafe water source, lack of drug/ vaccine for disease management, poor personal/ environmental sanitation, poor waste disposal etc.

It is indeed a time to awake and eliminate NTDs for the good of all because everyone deserves to live a disease free life and should not be ill just because of their geographical location or inability to access a working health care system and more so, some of the NTDs are infectious and can be transmitted to uninfected population if proper preventive and management practices are not put in place. Hence a need to eliminate them for the good of all.

Although there are notable improvements in the trend of interventions yet new cases of NTDs are still reported.  Locations where there are health facilities, are theyaccessible and acceptable? In many of the regions the socio-economic status of the infected person poses a great challenge to them being able to access the health facilities (affordability).

One of the basic needs of humanity is water but when the available source of water is unsafe such population well-being is at jeopardy hence a need for stakeholders to arise and see to the provision of safe water source for its population.

Population should be enlightened and strengthen to carry out ideal personal/ environmental practices coupled with hygienic waste disposal practices.

The countries should maximize its intellectual resources by funding and encouraging good research and more so research results and recommendation should go beyond being published in journals for promotion purposes but to; such that are implemented for the benefits of the population it sets to address.

Adopted strategies should not just be copied hook line and sinker but should be modified to suite the cultural and other context of such country or region.

Government should also demonstrate a great concern for the health and well-being of its citizen by investing and seeking strategies to improve the nation’s weak health system.

Useful public private partnership should be encouraged not such that is only geared toward personal interest and gain alone but that which is rooted in concern for the nation’s health care improvement.

We at Everythingpublichealth wish for a world free of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) soon.

#BeatNTDs: For Good;For all