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Everythingpublichealth is a website that provides you with updated comprehensive information on health and health related issues. It aims at providing simplified online information on health and health related issues in order to create easy access to health and health related information thereby improving the general well-being of every individual in the society.

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  1. To provide simple public health information for all
  2. To improve the knowledge base of our readers
  3. To create various kind of awareness to the public through our articles to better improve the well being of every society


  1. Enlighten the public with the right health related information
  2. To become a research institute with keen interest in NTDs, child and Adolescent health and infectious disease
  3.  Ensure that every individual have access to the right information irrespective of socialeconomical status
  4.  Get those in the rural environment informed on the happenings around them as relate to their health
  5. Create alliance with research institution across the globe in the yearly fight against NTDs

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